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Enter the Orchid

Enter the Orchid

Enter the Orchid


Enter the Orchid Space is available for rent, hourly, 1/2 day and full day. The Downstairs area is an art gallery with a handicap access bathroom. This sacred space holds up to 35-40 chairs. 

Contact Joan for more information.   


Healing Hands Healing Hearts seeks to support traditional medical care by providing massage, comfort and connection for the body, mind, and spirit of the critically, chronically and terminally ill. We now also work with Veterans with PTSD. Our conscious touch classes are here at Enter the Orchid.  We also offer monthly open sessions where people can give as well as receive treatments. You deserve some time to rest in peace.


Compassionate Capitol Region is a resource for building caring communities at the grassroots level in collaboration with city and county government in the six counties of Sacramento, Yolo, Sutter, Placer, El Dorado, Yuba and Nevada. We are the home of the Compassion Games, Day of Peace and many community events.  Please check the website for more details on how you can participate.


The Peace Pole Garden Project brings Peace Poles to the community along with gardens and labyrinths. Honoring the message of Masahisa Goi - 'May Peace Prevail On Earth'. Bobbi Knapp also has the PeacePals Art available for display. To learn more, contact us.  There are four of us as local Ambassadors: L to R - Joan Marie, Renee Marie, Bobbi Knapp and Brenda Gustin.